Electronic cigarettes or vaporizers are electronic means of delivering nicotine. Vaporizers are powered by batteries and allows vapers smoke by vaporizing and inhaling nicotine. Unlike smoking cigarettes, vaping does not involve combustion and as a result there is no formation of smoke and tar. There are mixed opinions relating to vaping ranging from health effects to regulations by FDA’s.

Some non-vapers believes that vapes are more harmful than the conventional cigarettes. Nevertheless prolific researchers in vapes are confident that vaping is 95% effective in preventing harmful diseases caused by smoking such as lungs disorder, cardiovascular diseases and cancer due to the absence of toxic chemicals and carcinogens. Vapes have grown in popularity worldwide since its introduction in the year 2004. Though not accepted by all but a considerable number of smokers are now vapers and is still counting. Vaporizers comes in different styles, designs, cost and varying nicotine levels and since they make use of batteries, they are rechargeable. While vaping research community believes that vaping could actually result to a permanent stoppage of smoking especially by addicts and also deter teenagers from smoking, the FDA’s claims that vaping is a gateway to smoking (combusting) tobacco products.

Despite the numerous regulations against vaping, it increases in popularity by the day and predictions has been made that the population of vapers will hit 10 billion in 2017. A greater percentage coming from previous smokers.

Vaporizers comes in different sizes and designs, so depending on your vaping needs you can buy a vape that suits you in the best possible way. Choosing the right type of vape has been a challenge to newbies in vaping and also to vapers willing to change their current vapes. For persons trying to wean off smoking, choosing your nicotine level should be your priority when making a choice of vapes to buy. Getting a device that suits your vaping needs and not simply because the device looks attractive is recommended for vapers especially beginners.

These categories of vaporizers would serve as a guide to choosing the vape that suits your need.

Vape Pens

The smallest category of vaporizers are the vape pens. Having sizes as pens, lighters, and inhalers, they can fit into pocket, hand bags, purses and folders giving you the maximum discretion you desire. Invariably vape pens are meant for persons that are always on the go. Due to the size of vape pens, only one material can be vaporized at a particular time that is you make use of concentrate vapes for concentrates, dry herbs vapes for dry herbs etc. Though some pens work with multiple materials.

Cleaning vape pens after heating concentrates should be done immediately after vaping. This is to prevent a malfunction of the pen as a result of sticky remnants melted onto the heating element. Not cleaning vape pens before use might also result in an unpleasant taste as a result of residues left behind. On the contrary, cleaning dry herb vape pens are easy and stress free.

Portable Vapes

Portable vaporizers are a bit more conspicuous than the vape pens and needs a larger pocket most of the times. With multiple functionalities, portable vapes can be used to vape concentrates dry herbs and e liquids unlike their pen counterparts that can only be used alongside one material at a time. Portable vapes are a quite expensive than pens and this is due to their multi-functionality. Portable vapes are medium vapes sandwiched between pens and desktop type vaporizes in terms of size. They can be used on the go and also at home. Usually having a battery life of about 2-3 hours, portable vapes have good taste but not to be compared with desktop vapes. Cleaning portable vaporizers is usually very easy as just a wipe will give you that original shiny looks.

Desktop vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers are the mothers of all vapes because they are conspicuous in size and generally should be used at home. This vapes are usually placed on a flat surface and generally requires power supply to operate. One major advantage of desktop vaporizers is that it gives you an authentic vaping experience. They produce vapor in good quality and quantity giving you the best taste you can think of. The disadvantages of desktop vaporizers is the cost of purchasing them, they are very expensive and are also not good for people that are always on the go.

Discovering the type of vaporizers that works for you has to be a thing of personal choice as no vaporizer is the best. It all depends on what you want.

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