Conduction and Convection

The heating system of any vaporizer is important and is also a determinant of how well your vaping experience is measured. We have two heating system for vaporizers namely; conduction and convection. Both heating systems operates differently when vaporizing herbs.


In conduction vaporizers, the herbs are heated up by a direct contact between the herbs and the heating element in the vaporizer. Though not to be compared with convection methods of heating, conduction vapes allows for instantaneous temperature control.

Other advantages of conduction heating system is that combustion of herbs is completely avoided which is one of the major reasons why most persons vape, as combustion results in thousands of toxic chemicals been inhaled which could cause cancers and other health disorder.

In summary, conduction vaporizer are preferred by many vapers because there is absolutely no possibility of burning your herbs or plants. Also because of its instantaneous temperature control mechanism.


Convection heating system adopted by early vapers is known for inconsistency when heating herbs as it sometimes leads to combustion of materials which is not desirable for most vapers. With the advent of improved technology, these inconsistencies have been corrected in newly manufactured vapes resulting to precise and accurate temperature control to prevent material combustion.

Generally, within convection heating systems, the herbs do not have contact with the heating elements rather the herbs are melted by hot air which blows through the vaporizing chamber resulting in a superb vape. It is known that convection vapes produce a more stronger and tasteful vapor though the cleaning and maintenance of the vaporizing chamber is tedious.

Modern technology have been able to dot the I’s and cross the T’s in both newly produced conduction and convection vapes, thereby making both heating methods work very well. Therefore looking for a preferable vape to buy in terms of heating system has to be based on personal choice.

Also note that grinding herbs when making use of convection vapes would enhance a good vaping experience which is really necessary for conduction vapes since heat flows through the material evenly from every side.

In summary when caught in between making a choice of purchasing a conduction or convection vaporizer you should have these few tips at the back of your mind? Conduction vapes makes it easier to control vaping temperature, requires less cleaning time giving you a superb vaping experience. Also have it in mind that convection vapes allows for a great taste when vaping.

Dry herbs material or Concentrates

The kind of material you intend to burn is a very important factor to look into when buying vape. Flowers exist as dry herbs while concentrates comes in waxes and oils. Some vaporizer models can actually vaporize both dry herbs as well as concentrates while other models are meant for either dry herbs or concentrates alone.

Dry herbs are referred to as natural herbs, some vapers refer to them as medical marijuana. Dry herbs vaporizers are vaporizers designed to be used for vaping dry leafs, flowers and not waxes or oils. It possess a dry herb chamber which is sought of a packing area for the herbs.

Concentrate vapes also known as wax pen, are designed to accommodate wax or oils. If you are someone that desires a very strong vaping experience then concentrate vapes are the best for you. If you are a newbie in vaping, a slow draw is advised when vaping concentrates so as not to result to a nasty experience.

Overall when buying a vape or contemplating to have one, many factors are to be considered. People who intend to vape in public places should go for portable vaporizers while those who work more at home or at places convenience should go for desktop vaporizers. Also lovers of dry herbs should get dry herbs vaporizers while lovers of concentrates (waxes and oil’s) should employ wax pens. If you looking for a vaporizer that has a superb temperature control then you should go for desktop vaporizer.

With these reviews I hope finding a vaporizer to buy would not be challenging.

Put down the cigarette and pick up the vape

For those caught up in the web of smoking and are willing to put down those cigarettes. I want to introduce you to a new method of getting rid of that addiction.

We are in 2017 and vaping is becoming more popular by the day. This is because it has proven to actually get people off the train of smoking addiction. You want to give it a try? Then read on.

E-cigarette has been said to be as dangerous as smoking but nevertheless that’s not the point I want to make.

Most cigarette smokers do not really like the smell, cost of purchasing cigarettes, having to go outside or even hide when smoking cigarettes and above all the health issues associated with cigarettes smoking yet they cannot do without them.

Vaping and smoking are different in style, design, flavor and mode of operation. Smoking involves you burning materials (tobacco and dry herbs) while vaping involves you heating dry herbs or concentrates in a vaporizing chamber either by direct contact as in conduction vapes or by blowing hot air as in convection vapes.

Vaping allows for discreetness, good flavors, better breath after vaping and less smell. Society and people who do not vape still view vaping as smoking but with the advent of social media forums and blog pages on vaping, the information is beginning to spread because former smokers and now vapers can testify to it.

Burning or combusting cigarettes releases toxic and carcinogenic substances capable of harming the human lungs and also causing cancer. But vaping on the other hand addresses such occurrences due to the fact that vaping does not involve combusting materials.

Pick up a vape and save yourself the cost of burning cigarettes packs all day.

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